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  • I have just been handed a very sloppy share point site to reorganize.  Permissions are all jacked up along with the libraries.  I have no idea where to start as i have no training with Share point as of yet. can anyone help me????


    Thank you

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  • Hi,

    I would start by noting permissions at the site level and library and list level. And then think about what changes you will need to these for the reorg.

    However, you will need some idea about SharePoint in general and security. Read any beginner level user level books on SharePoint and especially concentrate on the user security related chapters.

    At very high level security is inherited from top level site to the document libraries and from document libraries to individual items. However, these inheritance can be broken if one intends to.

    An oversimplified example may be like this. There is a top level site and underneath there are two sites for two departments. Let's say Sales and Accounting. Everyone in the organization may be given permission to the top level site. However, the Sales and Acounting sites may not inherit permissions from the top level site. Instead, they will have their own SharePoint security groups where you may add only users who belong to these individual departments.

    Another thing is often AD groups are added to SharePoint security groups. That way when a user joins or leaves the company and the AD account is modified, there is no additional overhead on the SharePoint security administration.

    One beginner level book on SharePoint 2007 usage is:


    Thanks, Soumya
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