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  • Just a quick question.  Do the barcodes in question reside on the tape; or are we talking about a standard, external sticker type of barcode reader here?  If it is external, I would like to see some instructions on how to set this up.

    I am finding the philospohy behind DPM hard to follow.  For instance, we are using LT04 tapes ( 1.5TB) and the instant that DPM starts writing to tape, the green check "OFFSITE READY" is toggled, but the tape backup jobs are still active....AND, when the jobs DO complete, the tape does not eject....

    How can I tell when the tape is full, and need to insert a new tape ?

    It seems perhaps that this interface was written ONLY for larger, multi tape units, as opposed to the smaller, stand alone tape drive  environments ?

    additionally, after the tape is manually ejected, the inventory of the library never changes; UNTIL you start the next job, in when a new blank tape is renamed.


    Thursday, June 3, 2010 9:03 PM


  • The barcodes are physical stickers affixed on the tape. There are no specific instructions pertaining to DPM to stick up the barcodes. Only ensure that the barcode reader is able to read the barcodes. Standalone drives typically do not have a barcode reader. Please check with your device documentation for your device.

    For a given protection group, all the memebers of that group will write their backups to the same tape(s). If tape optimization/co-location is not enabled, DPM assumes that the backups will be large enough for a single tape. Hence, without tape co-location you see the behavior that the tape becomes offsite ready even if it is not really fully utilized.

    Not ejecting tapes after each backup is by design. As you rightly said this design is more suited for tape libraries rather than standalone drives. You can consruct a small powershell script which will scan for offsite ready tape and eject it from the device.

    In DPM 2010 there is a column added in the Library Management Tab called Data Written. This will tell you how much of data is written to tape.


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