Infopath form hang with last IE11 Cumulative update RRS feed

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  • The problem is after updating IE11 last Cumulative update we noticed that problem appear on these workstations with MS Infopath forms. Situation is that it is not OS Dependent or Infofpath/Office dependent as problem arises as on x86 as on x64 workstations. Form starts to work really slow ( switch between rows take 10-15 seconds ) if you load bigger lists and try to switch from one entry to another, also it caches a lot of data ~200 MB into RAM and with each such load uses up to 2 GB then it gives error and closes it. 

    On Workstation where there is no IE11 the problem doesn`t exist and form with same lists use only 50-60 MB and works normally  ( 1 second for switch between rows ). Maybe someone has similar/same problem and know what causes it any change in some http request handling or something else?  As a workaround for now we have to uninstall IE11 on the critical Workstations.  

    Monday, November 30, 2015 12:58 PM