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  • I have a question regarding DPM 2016 and performance of the Modern Backup Storage. For a few months we moved our DPM 2012 to 2016 version with MBS (currently we're using the newest version - 5.0.342.0). We use DPM as the backup solution for our Hyper-V platform (about 120 VMs) - short-term protection to disk and long-term to tape (HP MSL2024, Ultrium-5). At the beginning everything looked fine - as storage we used two arrays (HP MSA2040 and Fujitsu DX60), on each of the array there were 2 volumes in RAID5, in size about 10TB each (40TB in total). Each volume was occupied for about 60% (equally). At some point we started to observe, that the tape backup (it's done at the weekend) runs slower and slower. We suspected problems with SAN infrastructure, tape library itself, etc., but finally we figured out, that the performance of disk volumes is very poor. In many cases the speed during backup was lower than 500Mb/s. I started to measure volumes with DiskSPD tool - the results by standard settings were very bad - for example 30Mb/s total speed (R+W). I understand of course, that this hardware is not the king of speed, but these results can man summarize only with one word - tragedy…

    As the next step I made the following experiment:
     1. I deleted one of volumes on Fujitsu DX60 array.
     2. I created a new volume but on RAID10 and connected it to DPM.
     3. I put some backups on it.

    And now read carefully - after creating a new volume, when it was empty, the result of DiskSPD test showed me about 220 MB/s of total speed (R+W). Quite nice result, even if it could be better - but definitively super in compare with old results. The tape backup on this volume run fast and smooth. But now, after few weeks, I can see performance of the volume decreases again. For example - below the last four backups of one our VM:

    Completed VM  Tape backup  30.12.2017 09:54:28 00:51:41 342 917,50 MB 
    Completed VM  Tape backup  23.12.2017 10:22:10 00:43:42 342 948,50 MB 
    Completed VM  Tape backup  16.12.2017 08:42:40 00:38:09 342 933,50 MB 
    Completed VM  Tape backup  09.12.2017 08:13:12 00:27:12 342 680,50 MB 

    As you can see, the time is longer - a few minutes every week.

    And now the question - what's with the performance of these ReFS volumes??? Why the volume slows down in time? Does anyone suffer such problem and has any clue, how can I avoid that? I'll be very grateful for any help.

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  • DPM 2016 + Windows Server 2016, aka "Modern Backup Storage" still has performance problems.

    If that is really a problem for you open a support case with Microsoft, because there currently is no public fix for it as far as i know.

    Wednesday, January 3, 2018 1:35 PM
  • ReFS file system still has issues not only with performance but with the data itself. I would recommend you to convert the volume to good old NTFS and see how it goes unless there is a particular ReFS feature that is crucial to your current setup.

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  • @Taras: And how might one do this?

    DPM refuses to work with NTFS formatted volumes and will reformat as REFS, unless there is a secret trick I don't know!?

    We just got this REFS shoved down our throats without wanting it.
    Sunday, January 20, 2019 7:23 AM
  • Hi,

    It is possible to add a NTFS formatted volume to DPM without DPM re-formatting it through the DPM Shell, but the disk will be unusable by DPM unfortunately.

    To use NTFS volumes in DPM, you will have to use an older version of DPM (e.g. DPM 2012 R2) I'm afraid, this will then of course have restrictions of backing up newer operating systems and workloads.

    It is unfortunate that it is like this, they could have offered an option to choose between NTFS or ReFS formatted volumes.

    You could submit feedback/suggestions about this though, and if it gets enough votes there might be a chance of it getting realized.

    Feedback/suggestions can be given in the link below:

    >>> <<<

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    Sunday, January 20, 2019 10:11 AM