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  • Vista Ultimate RC1 Build 5728 (only tested Vista a few hours so far) and MCE 2005 with SP2 and all rollup fixes


    1. There is registry stuff for change timeout of the seek bar when pause, play and skip, but not when using forward or rewind.


    And the seek bar is placed just over the subtitles we often have in Denmark.


    So it would be nice if there was a tip on how to remove the seek bar (or move it a bit up on the screen). The bar is a bit smaller on Vista, but not much, still hiding subtitles.



    2. Vista: Watching Live TV and then start recording. On Vista when pressing Stop result it in a change to Recorded TV menu and you lose sound and video of Live TV.

    To stop a recording must you press Info and then Stop Recording !

    Why not keep the function as on MCE 2005, where the Stop button results in the Stop Recording question.


    3. Why can the time shift content not be saved?

    Would be very nice with this, rewind to a point where a news clip start (or full program) and then press Record would result in a recording from that time until pressing Stop.


    4. EPG is a nice feature, but have limitations. Only 1 update pr. day, so late program changes might mess up the recording.

    I don't understand why the recording only can be set to record 4 minutes after it should have ended using the Gui, but I have now found the RecordingSoftPostPadding key in registry to increase the time. When changed to more than 4 show the gui 0

    But series recordings can be set to record much longer.


    5. This leads me to another feature request.

    Why are there no editing features at all inside MCE?

    Just a simple one to cut out before and after a recording would be helpful.

    Some cheap Harddisk recorders can do that, both spilt and join recordings.

    I use a plugin caller Cutter, there works, but it could be faster & better integrated.

    A goto hour:minutte function from the Info key would also be nice.


    6. Vista: When play back in MCE and then forward, are the playback flashing more and more and continue to flash when pressing play. Need to stop play and start again. Not sure if it is build 5728 or a failed Nvidia driver install there could be guilty.


    7. In Vista when using the keyboard/mouse and pressing resize is the screen flashing and MCE returns to full screen the first time. The second time I try, do it resize to a smaller window, and also on the next attempts. Works OK in MCE 2005


    8. Teletext issues:


    Pressing the Teletext ALWAYS start with page 100

    Why not remember the last page viewed on the current channel.


    The Teletext page could be larger on 1360x768 displays, lot of black on Vista and the live TV program on MCE 2005 in the frame.


    On MCE 2005 when pressing Mute while in Teletext, is the result that it removes the upper part of Teletext and mute the sound! Seems to be fixed in Vista


    When pressing a specific page number is there a delay of 1-3 seconds, but when using the arrows is it fast, so please make it faster. Both 2005 MCE and Vista


    Sometimes in MCE 2005 is there no Teletext memory, so it takes long time just to find page 100 when pressing Teletext. Other channels might work and a restart of MCE might also help, but I can't find out why. Have not seen the problem in Vista


    In MCE 2005 would pressing Teletext during viewing of a recorded program show the Teletext from the time, where the program was recorded (without memory, so a bit slow, but worked fine). That nice feature seems to have been lost in Vista.


    What are the Red, Green, Yellow and Blue keys for inside Teletext. Can't find any information on what they are for. Could be nice for memory of pages and so on.

    Or maybe programming the color keys on the remote to other functions, like the zoom function I often need.


    Best Regards


    Saturday, September 30, 2006 1:35 PM