Equal Precendence: How to identify last writer via PowerShell RRS feed

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  • I apologize in advance because I am a FIM noob and not involved with managing and configuring it. 

    We have an AD domain and are allowing group managers to modify AD group membership.  We also allow group owners in FIM to modify group membership through the FIM web portal.  The FIM configuration here has group membership set with equal precendence to handle both edits.  I understand that means the last writer wins, but how does FIM determine the last writer?

    I am working on a Powershell script that checks group membership in both FIM (using FIMAutomation) and AD.  Because the sync occurs only every couple hours, so there is there is a window where the group members listed in the FIM portal may not match those listed in AD, and I'm looking for a way to determine which will be the winning attribute if there are differences. 


    Tuesday, March 12, 2013 3:56 PM