Cross Project Dependency (CPD) Linking Issue RRS feed

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  • Background: 
    As a user of Project Online, I have a master schedule (IMS) that is linked to multiple projects (A,B,C). I have linked only specific milestones or deliverables in A, B, C in IWS. I have not included A, B, C as subprojects in IMS. I am pretty familiar about the process to create cross-project dependencies in Project Online.  

    Issues Encountered: 
    a) Whenever I open IMS, I don't find all the links aligned *when* one of projects (e.g., A) has been updated even if milestone in A has not changed. In other words, while A will indicate that there is no misalignment between links in A and IMS, the vice-versa is not true. 

    b) In an attempt to resolve this issue, I checkout both the MPPs and press F9 so that the schedule is auto-calculated. I have "discovered" the hard way that this manual intervention works sometimes to align the links between both the plans. 

    c) This issue has befuddled me :-( and I want to figure out if I am doing something wrong. The manual interventions to manage the broken links across plans makes it unproductive. 

    Thanks in advance for any assistance. 
    Saturday, April 16, 2016 8:50 PM