System disk IO is killing my Windows 7 computer RRS feed

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  • I use Sony Video Capture 6.0 to capture DV tape footage from my Sony TRV-30E video camera and up til now it's been working really well. I have not captured video for about a year now and started capturing some older tapes to the computer but am getting a lot of dropped frames. This causes the saved video to appear disjointed and jumpy and I've tried everything to decipher what's going on and not getting anywhere. I need your help.

    Tonight I started capturing a tape and it was going fine until I opened Firefox 57.0.2 and all of a sudden I got 160 dropped frames- they just started climbing like nothing. And from what I can see it is the system drive which is the cause.

    While FireFox is running, it works fine. But I have all apps closed when capturing and at times the dropped frames starts rising and I can see the disk time increasing towards 100%.

    I tried PerfMon and attached is what I found. The red arrow is where I launched Firefox, before the arrow is my computer capturing video using the Firewire port and dumping it straight to the NAS.

    Can anyone help me to find the issue?

    In this PerfMon graph, I was capturing video to the local D-drive on the computer and in the first minute I got 400 dropped frames and the video was jumpy from the time I clicked the capture button on the app.

    The first part of the graph looks OK from Perfmon, but the capture was accumulating dropped frames all through that time.

    PC specs:

    Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 32-bit
    Intel Core2 Duo E6850 @ 3GHz
    4GB RAM

    Disk setup is 4x 2TB WD drives in RAID5. There are 2 defined volumes- the first volume is 1TB and the second volume is 4.6TB. RAID is provided by the Gigabyte GA-X38-DS5 motherboard with on-board Intel Matrix Storage controller.

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