Windows Search failing to start and indfex troubleshooter reporting wrong permissions of ProgramData/Microsoft/Search RRS feed

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  • I have been through a load of similar 'fixes' to this thread without any success.


    Going through the registry I found Search seems to use a hidden M: drive and an .exe . Perhaps this is preventing attempts to fix.

    I have tried to find when the problem started but my event logs filled quickly and for some reason there are no archived logs so only 4 days worth.

    My Windows 10 laptop is working properly but the Windows Pro on the PC is not. Both on same update. The PC is dual booted with Windows 7 which is working.

    There is a report of a bug in the index troubleshooterso not sure if the reported error is actually real.


    So to sum up... I cannot go back far enough to find out when the error first started but it was at least 4 days ago and two sets of auto updates (both of which were uninstalled to test), sfc scannow and DISM and then restore to previous version were done. ( so suspect problem may have been there for a while but not noticed.) I am reluctant to do full repair or restore image as everything else is OK.

    Sunday, August 16, 2020 1:12 PM