DPM 2012: Insufficient disk space with 3 and 4 TB disks


  • When using a 2 TB disk as storage pool in DPM 2012 everything works as expected: corrently I have 3 servers added for Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) and System State with 300 GB each BMR and 2 times 10 GB and a 20 GB partition on this 2 GB disk configured manually. When I insert a 3 TB or 4 TB disk and attempt the same, Admin Manager complains of having not enough disk space. All disks are dynamic and have only unallocated space, no partitions (the 4 TB has never been used before). Seems like System Center 2012 software cannot detect disks above 2 TB. Why is that so? Could it still be a 512 vs. 2k/4k sector size issue?

    Best regards, Marcel

    Sunday, April 14, 2013 11:15 AM