Unlocking Files from Sharepoint Online


  • I logged in to my site, and when I created a Word document via the webapp, it saved automatically.  This is cool, but then I clicked the back arrow (since I didn't see how to close it), and then I tried to delete the document, it failed to do so.  It said that the file is in use.  Okay, fair enough.  I proceeded to deleting my IE11 temporary internet files (figured it had something cached...), refreshed the IE page, and tried again.  This failed.  I proceeded to log off the 365 portal I was on (keep in mind, I was logged on as the O365 Admin).  Then I logged back after 10 mins, and I was then able to "delete" the document.  I read this KB ( explain this by design, which makes sense, but I fear that I will have inpatient users not wanting to wait 10 mins before trying again. 

    Is there a more manageable way to "unlock" files from an Administrative point of view?  like, if I'm logged on as the O365 Admin in the portal, is there like a Files Opened section that I can just easily click on and just say "unlock" or something like that? 

    Monday, March 28, 2016 2:10 PM


  • As per my understanding there is no separate actions available for administrator to unlock the file in your situation. I tried it myself and its not always the case that it gets locked.. So probably I would suggest managing this through user training and make sure they understand the possible cause of this message.

    Tuesday, March 29, 2016 1:54 PM