Defention of Account not reflecting data RRS feed

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    I have 3 accounts that I define (Definition rule) their data in the business rules of the planning module.  These accounts are a summation of other accounts, yet they don't belong in the heirarchy as a 'parent' to the accounts they sum up.  This could be a wrong approach, but it is not my actual problem.


    When viewed in the Excel add-in, these accounts display their data accuratly, even when I make a dummy report and show them by themselves.



    When I add each of these accounts to a single KPI each (Select the proper measures, add the account as the dimension, etc.) no data shows up on my scorecard.  Am I missing something here?  Do I need to add the same formula used in the business rule to the KPI mdx section?


    I hope this makes sense. 


    Any thoughts, comments, remarks, etc.?


    Thanks in advance!



    Thursday, March 20, 2008 6:17 PM


  • Just incase anyone runs accross this same issue, I did have to use the MDX Tuple section for these accounts.  I don't like that I had to do that, but oh well.


    For what it is worth, the requirement that was given to me was that the Scorecard neeed to look like a financial statement and not an objetive based scorecard.  So Gross Profit needed to be below (and thus, at the same level as) COGS and GOI. 


    Any other thoughts on this or approaches I could have taken are welcome. 






    Friday, March 21, 2008 3:23 PM