Windows 7 and 10 cannot search start menu for installed application


  • Hi all.

    I know this has to be a GPO issue but I cannot seam to find where it comes from. If I move the user to a different OU (which applies a different GPO) it works. The Windows Search service is running. The start menu is included in the search list. I have even changed these settings in the GPO to try to allow it:

    Do not search communications = Disabled
    Do not search for files = Disabled
    Do not search Internet = Disabled
    Do not search programs and Control Panel items = Disabled
    Do not use the search-based method when resolving shell shortcuts = Disabled
    Prevent changes to Taskbar and Start Menu Settings = Disabled
    Remove Search Computer link = Disabled
    Remove Search link from Start Menu = Disabled
    Remove See More Results / Search Everywhere link = Disabled

    When this is done, I can search for control panel items and files on the local machines but nothing in the start menu. And all I really want are items in the start menu to show up. What am I missing that would allow me to turn this feature on for limited users?

    Thank you


    Friday, February 24, 2017 5:50 PM


  • After going through the settings, I found out that there are 2 working together to get this to work.

    User>Admin Templates>Start Menu And Taskbar>Do not search programs and Control Panel items (Disabled)

    User>Admin Templates>Windows Components/File Explorer>Prevent access to drives from My Computer (Disabled)

    Once I set these 2 entried to disabled, I was able to search from the start menu again. There were a ton of settings that were changed between the policy that worked and the one that didn't. It took me a while to comb through all of them.


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    Friday, March 24, 2017 4:58 PM

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