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  • Hi everybody,

    I have a little problem with PPS 2007 Time Intelligence and hope someone could give me some help.
    In PPS 2007, I configure Time in my datasource (Analysis Services) like this:
    I map the time dimension on my fiscal time dimension hierarchy, set the Reference Member's member on the first day of my fiscal calendar(From 2007-06-01 to 2008-05-31): 2007-06-01. I also set the hierarchy level to day.
    I select the reference date as 1/06/2007. At last, I set all my Time MemberAssociation' s member level
    Fiscal Year -> Year
    Fiscal Quarter -> Quarter

    Then, I create a Time Intelligence Filter on a dashboard. My formulas are:

    If I preview them, Month, Quarter and year are OK. But day give me yesterday date.
    I already had this problem yesterday And during almost all the day, the day date was the day before. Only during the end of the afternoon it change to yesterday date.
    I check my data and it is OK.

    Yesterday I test that thing: In PPS, I set my datasource Time like this:
    I change the Reference Member's member to yesterday date and select the reference date to yesterday too.
    The date was Ok in my TI filter. But this morning, the date is still yesterday. It doesn't change.
    And if I set everything to today, It is OK.

    I don't know what I can do cause all my KPI are based on YTD, MTD et QTD. So I really need today date.

    Does anyone have an idea to help me ?

    I hope I was clear in my explanations.
    Thanks in adavance

    Friday, March 7, 2008 2:52 PM


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