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    First of all, I'm new to this community, so I'm really sorry if my question is not at the right place (I have tried to do my best to find...).

    I have been asked by my company to do a feasibility study of implementing in SharePoint Online various InfoPath Web-browser forms that we currently use under our SharePoint 2010 On Prem Platform, through InfoPath Forms Services.

    These forms use some SharePoint web services as data connections : GetUserProfileByName, GetUserCollectionFromGroup, etc.

    I have made somes tests to implement the same calls in a form that I publish to SP Online : I get a 5566 error.

    I found this KB : , that talks about the Loopback check problem, but I don't really understand what the "note" means : are the listed webservices available in SP Online to call from InfoPath web forms, or not at all ?

    I searched on the net and found lots of articles talking about the claims authentication that also requires configuration in SP 2013 On Prem for this to work. These articles give a solution that works in SP 2013 On Prem, based on Secure Store and the conversion of connections to udcx files. Several of these articles indicate that the solution should also work in SP Online : I tried, but still get the 5566 error.

    Here are some sample links:

    I also asked the MS Community who told me to come at this place to ask my question...

    This is really critical for my business, as I have been asked if I can migrate many (!) forms used by our Financial services or Human Resources service : each of them need to get information about user profiles (current user or others), to get user managers info, to know if a user is member of some SharePoint user group, etc.

    This for making things accessible or not, visible or not, amongst the form fields, validation buttons, etc.

    I have also found some articles talking about workarounds, based on webparts pages or the USerInformationList at the root of a site collection, but this does not cover the needs, is far too complicated, and not adapted to quick implémentations.

    Is there a way to use at least some web services from an InfoPath form that is web enabled and published to SharePoint Online ?

    Thank you


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