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  • I have just built a 2012 server that is running KMS.  I entered in the 2012 key and it works great.  We also have some 2008 servers that i would like to use this KMS with as well.  How can i get the KMS to license 2008 servers?  I entered in the key but the test machine that i created is not being licensed.  I have found a lot of posts, but they all talk about having a 2008 server and licensing 2012 or having a 2012 server and licensing Windows 8.  All i need is Server 2008 to be licensed from the 2012 KMS server i have.  I am betting a very simple thing, but i am very new to KMS.  Thank you in advance.
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  • a KMShost will issue activation for all equivalent and down-version and down-edition products.

    If you've built a WS2012 KMShost, it will automatically (without further configuration) issue activations for:

    (as long as those KMSclients are configured with the pkeys and the product itself is a VL channel edition)
    the better list of KMSclient pkeys (it includes WS2012 and Win8) is here:

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