Enabling Conversion between Simplified and Traditional Chinese RRS feed

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  • I have downloaded and installed the chinese language pack per the instructions that are contained in the pack to enable conversion between simplified and traditional chinese.

    Basically this gets added to the qft_config file:

     <instance name="synonym_zh" type="external" resource="qt_synonym">
      <parameter-list name="qt.synonym">
       <parameter name="enable" value="1"/>
       <parameter name="on_by_default" value="1"/>
       <parameter name="synonymdict1" value="resources/dictionaries/synonyms/qt/tzh_szh_conversion_with_dialect_equivalents.aut"/>
     <instance name="tzh_szh_conversion" type="external" resource="qt_characternormalizer">
      <parameter-list name="qt.characternormalizer">
       <parameter name="enable" value="1"/>
       <parameter name="process_tokens" value="1"/>
       <parameter name="config_file" value="etc/zh_normalization_tzh_szh.xml"/>
       <parameter name="indexmap" value="NONE content xml"/>
       <parameter name="extendedfeedback" value="1"/>
       <parameter name="on_by_default" value="1"/>
       <parameter name="include_original" value="1"/>


    Two questions on the query side:

    1. Since this uses a synonym stage, I would assume the calling application needs to pass in qtf_synonym_zh:querysynonyms=true to activate this. Is this correct?

    2. Does anything need to be passed in to trigger the Character Normalizer stage (tzh_szh_conversion)?


    The instructions in the advanced linguistics guide only give instructions on installing and don't contain what needs to be passed in on the query side.

    Tuesday, November 8, 2011 3:55 PM

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  • Hello,

    I noticed that you have not yet received a reply to this question.  The query tranform instances you added include "on_by_default" and have them set to 1.  You also need to replace <instance-ref name="synonym"/> in the scopesearch pipeline with the etnries for the stages you have added (as noted in the documentation).  Once you have done that, redeploy and refresh your views, restart the qrserver, and refresh your views once again.

    If you found you needed to perform more steps or still need help with this, please let us know.



    Patrick Schneider


    Patrick Schneider | Microsoft | Enterprise Search Group | Support Escalation Engineer |
    Tuesday, November 22, 2011 12:42 PM