How to make ue-v agent ignore errors or missing files RRS feed

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  • Hello friends,

    please tell me how to make ue-v agent ignore errors or missing files during package is creating?

    when the application closes, it deletes part of the files. The ue-v agent tries to pack them, but they are no longer there.
    also in my opinion ue-v does not work with long paths if the file path is too long

    some result of debug mode, after that the package is not created

    [Microsoft-User Experience Virtualization-App Agent]Packager: PackageFileException - [Package creation failed: [Failed to creatge package file C:\Users\sa.uevx\AppData\Local\Microsoft\UEV\HOST-01552\App_Firefox\Current\App_Firefox.pkgx due to file system error.: boost::filesystem::file_size: The system cannot find the file specified: "C:\Users\sa.uevx\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\def\saved-telemetry-pings\19129a8e-518b-4365-96c8-7a82004b4389"]]
     [Microsoft-User Experience Virtualization-App Agent]Packager: <-- PackageFile::Create^~^94

    Saturday, February 15, 2020 4:12 PM