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  • We have set up a QA and a production enviroment. They use the same datasources. The crawls were started about the same time on both servers. Did a index reset and a aclearcontentcollection before that. They use the same (new) FAST metadatarankprofile on the backend (and chosen at the frontend).

    My problem is that the two environments rank the results differently. For example a search for "love triangle" on the prod server ranks "love triangle web service" as hit no. 1, while the same hit is ranked 42 on the QA server, with about half the rankscore.

    The only difference is that the one environement has been running for about a month (in a QA-env, very few users), while the other is just a couple of days old. My prediction is that there are some smartness remembering and modifying on the "old" env. Is there a way to clear this?

    I have checked for document and site promotions, and none exists. Ideas?

    Edit to add: I use the "default" rank profile as template on both fast servers, but that should be irrelevant, right? Like so: new-fastsearchmetadatarankprofile -template default -name newprofile

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