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  • Despite the title this is a password/security issue as it affects all Microsoft software protected by a password on my machine.

    I have used Professional software to create a windows 2 go  USB-3 drive , I have done this so when I leave work after shutting down my PC I can take my OS with me, as all my business information and critical addresses,employee information is on this drive. The system itself has no internal drives. I did this mainly for security in case of break ins which I have had multiple times in the past. The issue I am having is every morning when I plug the drive in and turn the machine on ALL services using my @Live account no longer starts, and in mail I get the "Your account settings are out-of-date"  error , this error is OS wide preventing all apps and services from starting. My system logon and @live  share the same password  and when I click on the "fix account" all I have to do is put in the same password I use for @Live and logon, and the issue is resolved until the next morning. Is there a way to permanently make this issue go away?  

    PC:  Intel i7 3770 

           16GB DDR3 Kingston

           AMD R9-270

           USB 3.0 Samsung SSD 256GB

    WinVer:  1909 (OS Build 18363.815)  Windows 10 Enterprise.

    Note: The software I used installs windows in its entirety. The last feature update from Microsoft had installed fully,so feature updates can and are installed.

    And if I posted in the wrong thread , I do apologize in advance.

    Wednesday, May 13, 2020 2:03 PM

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