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  • Hi,

    We have been facing a weird scenario, where timesheet approvals for some resources are not getting reflected in the Plan once


    Though the Status Approval job shows successful.

    When i check the ULS log, I found the following error:

    PWA:https://domain/ProjectServer, ServiceApp:Project Server Service Application, User:i:0#.w|<domainuser>, PSI: formula evaluation failed for project <PROJ_GUID> due to exception: System.Data.ConstraintException: Failed to enable constraints. One or more rows contain values violating non-null, unique, or foreign-key constraints.     at System.Data.DataSet.EnableConstraints()     at System.Data.DataSet.set_EnforceConstraints(Boolean value)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.DataAccessLayer.DAL.SubDal.FillTypedDataSet(Boolean allowCache, DataSet typedDataSet, String[] tables, SqlCommand sqlCommand, Boolean enforceConstraints)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.DataAccessLayer.LookupTableDal.ReadLookupTables()     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.FormulaDataProvider.BuildLookupTableDictionaries()     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.FormulaDataProvider.LoadDataActual(ArrayList[] propertyIds, ArrayList[] fieldNames, ArrayList[] fieldBaseNames)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.FormulaDataProvider.LoadData(FormulaEvaluator evaluator)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.FormulaDataProvider.CheckAndInitFormulas(FormulaEvaluator evaluator)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.FormulaDataProvider.Init(FormulaEvaluator evaluator)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.StatusApprovalMessageHandler.EvaluateFormulas(PlatformContext context, Guid projectID, SchedulingDataAccess data, SchedulingDalDataAccess schedData, ModificationData modifications)

    Can someone put some light on the above issue?


    Monday, February 24, 2014 12:53 PM

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  • Hi GanuInMumbai,

    Could it be possible that you have some constraints on start and/or finish dates on the task to update? It seems like the error message is mentionning a constraint impossible to update.

    I'd suggest to have a close look into the task in MS Project Pro, checking for constraints and dependencies.

    Hope this helps.

    Guillaume Rouyre - MBA, MCP, MCTS

    Monday, February 24, 2014 3:03 PM
  • Hi,

    There is this just one constraint in a task "No Start earlier than" and a constraint date '8-jan-2014' and end date as '14-mar-2013'.

    Tuesday, February 25, 2014 5:42 AM
  • So you should check that the submitted timesheet don't contain hours before the constraint on the start date. In this case, there will be a conflict :

    • the approval will try to create some actuals (so also work) before 8 jan 2014,
    • MS Project has the constraint not to pull the task before 8 jan 2014.

    Hope this helps.

    Guillaume Rouyre - MBA, MCP, MCTS

    Tuesday, February 25, 2014 1:30 PM