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  • After more than 6 months, one would think Microsoft has had sufficient time to gather information on the numerous 'issues' people are facing with Vista.  Further, it would seem appropriate for them to address many of those issues by supplying timely fixes, hot or otherwise. 


    My most recent problem has been very distressing.  I cannot backup, copy, or otherwise get large files over to a well-oiled XP-SP2 machine in my home network.  Error "0x800705AD, Insufficient quota to complete the requested service" stops every attempt [sorry, DVDs are not a solution].  I have used Windows Explorer, Xcopy from a command prompt window, and even Vista's new Backup facility - all fail.  A review of forum posts, here and elsewhere, reveals that this issue is neither new nor unknown to Microsoft, yet no fix or even hint from Microsoft has been received.  One has to ask, Why not?


    Microsoft, are there no open problem reports for this particular issue?  If not, I'd be happy to open one.

    Microsoft, do you lack documentation for this particular issue?  If so, please advise and I'll provide it.

    Microsoft, why are you reluctant to release fixes for known problems?  In my 35 years as a Computer Technology professional I have never witnessed such a complete lack of information from a prominent vendor, or such an apparent lack of support.  Are you now catering ONLY to large customers in the hopes of wooing them to Vista?

    Frankly, I just don't get it.

    Monday, August 20, 2007 3:36 PM

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  • I sit with the exact same problem. Big photo files that I wish to back-up from a Vista Ultimate machine to an external drive on a fine running XP SP2 give me this error. I tried to connect the external drive drive to the Vista machine, but almost lost everything on there due to the Vista machine not seeing it as one would hope.


    Microsoft's attention to these type of problems stinks. They were quick to sell one this new software at a substantial price, but the support seems non-existent.



    Thursday, August 23, 2007 4:55 AM
  • I finally found a solution that actually works - solid as a rock.


    I have reinstalled Windows XP-SP2 on a formatted hard drive, leaving all traces of the Vista virus behind.  No more machine freezes, no problems with copying files to my other XP machines, no more wasted time.  If/when Microsoft ever releases a comprehensive Service Pack to correct all the performance and reliability issues encumbering Vista I may return - 3 months after release of the Service Pack; one has to age these things a bit.


    P.S.  My machine runs much faster than it did under Vista Ultimate.

    Sunday, September 16, 2007 6:11 PM
  • Does Microsoft read this stuff? Do the developers read it? Why isn't it (and so much else) not fixed yet? Vista even costs more than XP, and it's still not fixed?

    The ones which I came here to lookup or mention are that Internet Explorer Downloads get up to 99%, then they sit there for nearly FIVE MINUTES with nothing happening, before stating they are complete.

    Also... the built-in ZIP and UNZIP ability that works Great in XP doesn't work AT ALL in Vista. I had to download WINZIP like the old pre-XP days. It works fine, but with their cut already worked into the price of XP and Vista, why should I have to pay it again?

    And the Pictures, Music, Videos and Documents shortcuts are bogus in several places (due to these Junctions I suspect, but why would they release it with this sloppy problem?)  You have to locate the folders yourself and make your own aliases from scratch.

    And the SEARCH.  Don't even get me started with how Poor this is compared with XP.

    There are other issues too, but I can't think of them right now. Sorry to hear about the backup issues, I hope they solve them for everybody's sake too... soon.
    Tuesday, September 18, 2007 11:13 AM
  • Since this is a Microsoft Forum, I'm fairly certain that Microsoft employees read these posts.  Whether they do so as a job function or a simple curiosity is unknown.  Another thing is certain; MS is well aware of the issues within the Vista environment.  I have heard views on this subject from both MS supporters and detractors.  The only common thread is that both sides agree there are numerous problems, some fairly serious.


    I hate to make this analogy but it seems to hit the mark.  While I was going through my recent Vista experience I came to realize that my day-to-day emotions were probably similar to those of a newly diagnosed Cancer patient - a harsh comparison but I believe an accurate one.  I wanted to fight back and each day brought hope; a fix was just released to remedy performance and reliability issues - alas, it was not my cure, so perhaps tomorrow.  I'll administer a suggested solution to get by, but once again it fails and creates side effects which now compound the problem.  At day's end, I hope that tomorrow there will be a cure, from some source, any source.  After months enduring this repetitive cycle I'm worn down; my resistance is crumbling, I'm frustrated, I'm hurt, I'm angry, and worst of all, I know I'm losing the struggle.


    Thank God this is only an analogy and that I'm physically in good health.  Emotionally, and I realize it is far worse for real victims of that dreaded disease, I've given up.  I couldn't live day-to-day waiting for a cure for the Vista disease, a potential cure called Service Pack 1.  For months MS either denied the rumors of its existence or they downplayed its importance.


    Unlike the victims of the physical disease, I did have a final option - a last resort called Windows XP-SP2.  It was a harsh decision, a decision that required significant additional effort on my part and that effort was draining.  Now, with my emotional well-being restored, I can take a more philosophical view of my experience and I can be thankful I did have that last resort.  I have my system back to doing what it was intended to do, making my life easier and more enjoyable along the way.


    Wednesday, September 19, 2007 5:19 PM
  • Thank you for the reply!
    On the one hand, yes, thank goodness this is only an analogy, and on the other hand, a great many cancer victims are cured. Granted your analogy points out that the Microsoft method of cure doesn't seem to be very satisfactory in its advancement.
    Congratulations on the success of your cure! (I too keep an XP Pro solution on hand, when I don't want to deal with the Vista setbacks). Here's hoping they have, or are at least in progress on a good future Vista cure itself.
    Friday, September 21, 2007 11:44 AM
  • Right i have use'd windows since the start i was very young at the time i have enjoyed all the new stuff from start till now (i even bought both x-box's ) then they brought out this monstosity called vista i even went out and bought a new comp for it (my first laptop) the thing is vista is expected to have some bugs but i cant even go back to xp.  im talking about the screen flips upside down at will and logg's me out at it's lesure i am seriously considering trading my gear in and going to mac i know traitor but with this *** i might as well it cant be any worse.   




    Well i hope not!!!!!!!!!! 


    Saturday, October 20, 2007 6:13 AM
  • Also having the same issue.  I've read many of the various posts here and at other forums, and no one has a solution.  The best info that I saw was that it had something to do with Vista using up all the file handles on the target XP system, but what can you do about this???!!!  Also read something about disabling Window Defender (on the Vista system, I guess?), will try that.


    Problem is definitely Vista, both wired and wireless, desktop and notebook, and it occurs going both directions.  Always screws up the otherwise stable XP system.  I seem to get the problem after copying about 200MB or 150+ photo files.


    I am close to taking your advice and reformatting my new HP system and installing XP.  (I have a Ghost image of the current Vista install, so I could always go back.)  Also may *finally* take the advice of Walt Mossberg (tech writer at the WSJ) and just go get a Mac.

    Tuesday, October 30, 2007 7:28 PM
  • For copying large amounts of files reliably, I found that Goodsync does a rather nice job.  It's not perfect, but compared to anything created by microsoft, it does a way better job.  I'm in the process of converting all my pc's to Linux now - except one(just in case my customers use Vista - and I need a reference model) .  I'm finished paying for a product that keeps inheriting abominable faults and bugs from the past versions. Xcopy(or any of it's evolutions) has never worked.  They haven't even finished proof reading their help files.  I have help files(xp-pro) with proof-reader comments and unfinished sections - not considering the help files rarely "help".  I'm going to stop before I dig up all the reasons why I'm sick of Microsoft.  Just buy a Mac if you need something that works. 


    Sunday, January 13, 2008 2:27 AM

    I regret not buying a Mac... what a shame. I can't go back to XP on my brand new Vista machine... it would be such an undertaking, and I don't have the time. All I want to do is be able to delete a stinkin' file from my computer WITHOUT IT FREEZING up constantly. I have to keep my TASK MANAGER MINIMIZED so that I can keep hard resetting my recycle bin. What a joke.


    I apologize for yelling, but I would never guess that a $3500 machine would be this much trouble. I talked myself out of a Mac. I kept thinking that Microsoft could compete with the publishing that I do for my business. I actually talked myself out of a Mac... that showed me what happens when I ignore me. My mind is so tired from going at this all day long - I can't even talk straight.


    Please, please, please, Microsoft Guru People, throw us something that we can use. We deserve it, don't we?

    Saturday, January 19, 2008 2:03 AM