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  • n one of the custom solution via MDT I am required to deploy Windows 7 image to that partition which already contains Windows installation.

    It used to be simple when I defined under "Install Operating System" step to "Specify logical drive letter" - "C"

    Things became complex when I had to deploy this custom image solution to a machine which had System Reserved partition in which case Windows partition was assigned "D:" in Winpe and the image used to fail.

    I would like to detect which drive letter has Windows installed and the use that drive letter to deploy the operating system. Any suggestion will be helpful.

    I recently came across the MS article in which it is mentioned that a similar variable has been defined in the latest version of Conf Mgr. Need to confirm if the same can be successfully used in MDT:

    _OSDDetectedWinDrive - Beginning in Configuration Manager version 1602, the task sequence scans the computer's hard drives for a previous operating system installation when Windows PE starts. The hard drive location for where the operating system is installed is stored in this variable. You can configure your task sequence to retrieve this value from the environment and use it to specify the same hard drive location to use for the new operating system.

    Is there any other Variable which can be used in Install Operating System step of Task Sequence - Logical Drive Letter Stored in a Variable ?

    Can we use something like SMSTSLocalDataDrive variable ? I need to ensure that the data drive which is typically D: is not touched and user data is intact.


    Wednesday, March 1, 2017 6:59 PM