can't get memorex lightscribe dvd/cd/r/rw to be civilized RRS feed

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  • memorex lightscribe a/k/a memorex 8x slim dvd multi-format recorder external model number mx-600le v1 part number 32020019660 imation enterprises corp. 1 imation way oakdale mn 56128. microsoft windows xp professional service  pack 3. dell latitude c640 series a10 bios in a dell docking station. verizon fios cable isp 24/7

    this flat white memorex device employs a forked white usb cable apparently to suck more juice than the usual 5vdc. [attempting] to use this thing on a dell latitude c640 series bios a10 in a dell docking stationt has croaked, under moderate strain. these machines arre helpless w/out cd rom drive accessed via hardware [not usb]. various numerous pernicios problems with it. device undetected at all. device unrecognized. device has not been completely properly installed. device has exceeded voltage limits on your cheesy external [belkin] usb hub, bub.

    all in all in all it has never worked. every attempted integration of it leaves the little, powerful, delicate system that the dell latitude has become a cybernetic quivering wreck. now i am afraid  --as in "scared"--- to learn that the cause of the catastrophes is that this memoreximation does usb2 but not usb 1.

    next to this BTQW is a similar dell laptop running under windows 2000 that came with no cd drive but has strange dell dables which will plug in externa;l floppy drive & theoretically external cd drive. both machines are equipped w/ network interfaces. in the course of spring cleaning (the windows 2000 machine had a previous life as an accountant's bounce-about) i moved this file named c_1252.nls from what turned out to be its sacred precincts. since then the computer denies my access to the c: drive even if ---pathetic, this--- i boot from an externally-atached, non-usb, 1.44MB diskette drive. 

    i  dreamt i was a king who, drowsing in his orchard of an afternoon, as was customary, dreamed in turn himself that this little girl, splendiferously dressed and dripping wet, had stolen the royal crown from his brow as he slept.  still dreaming  I dreamt  that i awoke. I woke from my nap [in my dream] late in an afternoon.  the shivering oak leaves above somehow suggested or said, "21 november." (hey ---it's a dream). Then: O. My. God. my crown *is* missing. i pat my head in silly search of it. and a young woman comes out of the [artificial] shrubbery [stage right]  o.my.god she approacheth. she do smile all smiley. when close enough i smell chanel no. 5 from behind herself she produces said crown as above referenced. 

    then i did wake up. at least i think i am awake. and i think that after programming &c w/ windows & the intel platform since circa 1986 i've none too many learning curves left. understanding is overrated anyhow: i just wish my current  constellation of too-true techie errors away. prompt and professional replies i thank you in advance for. for "troubles come not single spies/ but in battalions." yo. you should see the place.
    Monday, January 25, 2010 6:38 AM