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  • Hello,

    unfortunately my English is bad, I hope I am able to express my problem understandable.

    I have a problem with an Exchange 2013 (latest CU), the Back End and the certificates on the server.
    It means: out of office in Outlook is not working, Autodiscover seems to be fine.

    But opening the autodiscover.xml or the Exchange.asmx (EWS) in a browser only shows server application unavailable respectively error 404. OWA and ECP are working fine, creating a new profile for Outlook with Autodiscover works too.

    The thing is: typing port 444 behind the server name solves the problem, I can access the Exchange.asmx and autodiscover.xml (after recreating the virtual directories).

    In the beginning I wrote about problems with the certificates.
    So the server is unable to recreate self signed certs. For example the self signed remote cert: it was expired and the server didn't recreate one, even after deleting the old one.
    The machine keys folder of the system contains a couple of million files, the access rights are correct. Emptying the folder leads to a crash of IIS.

    Trying to create a new self signed certificate out of IIS only shows access denied, but none of the many solutions in the internet worked for me.

    So I guess I have a problem with certificates first of all, right?

    I tried to rebuild the virtual directories, set the URLs and followed the blog and Microsoft's article.

    In the end it's only out of office and the calendar making problems. I guess installing and migrating to a new Exchange is faster, but I want to win the challenge against the problem, honestly.

    Thank you very much and have a nice day.
    Monday, June 24, 2019 4:41 AM

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  • unfortunately my English is bad

    ...which is just as well because you are posting in the German forum.

    Da hier im TechNet-Forum die Inhalte stets pro aktuell eingestellte Sprache angezeigt werden, ist es sehr unwahrscheinlich, dass sich jemand auf diese Seite verirrt, der kein Deutsch kann.

    Der Einschätzung "Autodiscover seems to be fine" kann man leider nur schwer zustimmen, wenn ausgerechnet OOO und Kalender, typische Autodiscover-Funktionen also, Probleme aufweisen.

    Evgenij Smirnov

    Monday, June 24, 2019 6:31 AM