Unable to login to windows Xp - domain connected pc.


  • Hi Folks.

    Today in the early hours, I got an issue with my domain connected PC. It is not letting me login.

    I tried to log in with the local administrator too but failed to log in. Suspected the Pc is out of my network, I tried to ping the PC. Fortunately I am able to ping it.

    So, I tried with repairing the OS but unable to login..

    So, expecting some files have been corrupted, I wanna boot with MiniXp and replace some files so that I can log in to PC and make necessary changes and fixes.


    Please guide me what to do now...

    If I need to replace some files, what are the files and folders that needs to be replaced..
    Kindly tell me what to do..


    You can also contact me to the below id:

    Sunday, May 15, 2011 12:58 PM

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