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  • So, needed to reboot a cluster yesterday and drained roles from one server, rebooted, server 2012r2 moved roles over and rebooted other. However, now one of the CSV is showing as failed. It is not ReadOnly, I have tried in the Server Manager to attach the disk and get an Access Denied error, tried via powershell as admin and get the same error. any advise? Tried to change the IsManualAttached as well get access denied for that too.

    we have the the issue that is presented in issue 2 


    further to this, we have 2 CSV's and one is fine.

    • Usage : Other
    • NameFormat :
    • OperationalStatus : Detached
    • HealthStatus : Unknown
    • ProvisioningType : Fixed
    • ParityLayout : Unknown
    • Access : Read/Write
    • UniqueIdFormat : Vendor Specific
    • DetachedReason : By Policy
    • WriteCacheSize : 0
    • ObjectId : {1}\SERV-HC-01\root/Microsoft/Windows/Storage/Providers_v2\SPACES_VirtualDisk.Objec tId="{533570b8-ec7e-4e22-XXXb-e6519f296089}:VD:{352a1d48-XXX2-11ea-80be-2477710262 d}{352a1e11-3ea2-XXXa-80be-246e9610262d}"
    • PassThroughClass :
    • PassThroughIds :
    • PassThroughNamespace :
    • PassThroughServer :
    • UniqueId : 111E2A35A23EEA11XXX6E9610262D
    • AllocatedSize : 23991687315456
    • FootprintOnPool : 47983374630912
    • FriendlyName : SERV-HDD-VDISK01
    • Interleave : 262144
    • IsDeduplicationEnabled : False
    • IsEnclosureAware : False
    • IsManualAttach : True
    • IsSnapshot : False
    • LogicalSectorSize : 512
    • Name :
    • NumberOfAvailableCopies :
    • NumberOfColumns : 6
    • NumberOfDataCopies : 2
    • OtherOperationalStatusDescription :
    • OtherUsageDescription :
    • PhysicalDiskRedundancy : 1
    • PhysicalSectorSize : 4096
    • RequestNoSinglePointOfFailure : False
    • ResiliencySettingName : Mirror
    • Size : 23991687315456
    • UniqueIdFormatDescription :
    • PSComputerName :
    • CimClass : ROOT/Microsoft/Windows/Storage:MSFT_VirtualDisk CimInstanceProperties : {ObjectId, PassThroughClass, PassThroughIds, PassThroughNamespace...} CimSystemProperties : Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure.CimSystemProperties

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  • Hi BenjaminIT,

    1. Is the affected virtual disk on S2D?

    2. Have we tried to remove the CSV on the volume? If the command failed, what is the error message?

    Remove-ClusterSharedVolume -name "VdiskName”

    Thanks for your time!

    Best Regards,


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    Wednesday, July 22, 2020 7:48 AM
  • Hi, Yes this command works, I follow all the below instructions but then the last command just fails to add-clustersharedvolume. I dont think its S2D as its server 2012R2. how could i confirm? 

    Remove-ClusterSharedVolume -name "Shared Volume 1  (SERV-HDD-VDISK01)"

    Run the following commands on every disk that's not coming online.

    Get-ClusterResource -Name "Shared Volume 1  (SERV-HDD-VDISK01)" | Set-ClusterParameter DiskRunChkDsk 7

    Start-ClusterResource -Name "Shared Volume 1  (SERV-HDD-VDISK01)"

    Run the following command on every node in which the detached volume is online.

    Get-ScheduledTask -TaskName "Data Integrity Scan for Crash Recovery" | Start-ScheduledTask

    This task should be initiated on all nodes on which the detached volume is online. A repair should automatically start. Wait for the repair to finish. It may go into a suspended state and start again. To monitor the progress:

    Run Get-StorageJob to monitor the status of the repair and to see when it is completed.

    Run Get-VirtualDisk and verify the Space returns a HealthStatus of Healthy.

    The "Data Integrity Scan for Crash Recovery" is a task that doesn't show as a storage job, and there is no progress indicator. If the task is showing as running, it is running. When it completes, it will show completed.

    Additionally, you can view the status of a running schedule task by using the following cmdlet:

    Get-ScheduledTask | ? State -eq running

    As soon as the “Data Integrity Scan for Crash Recovery" is finished, the repair finishes and the Virtual Disks are Healthy, change the Virtual Disk parameters back.

    Get-ClusterResource -Name "Shared Volume 1  (SERV-HDD-VDISK01)" | Set-ClusterParameter DiskRunChkDsk 0

    Add the affected Virtual Disks back to CSV.

    Add-ClusterSharedVolume -name "Shared Volume 1  (SERV-HDD-VDISK01)"

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  • Im getting to the point now where im going to rebuild the storage pools and vdisks

    Thursday, July 23, 2020 7:39 AM
  • Hi BenjaminIT,

    I am writing to check how things are going on your side? Have you rebuild the storage pool successfully?

    Best Regards,


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