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    Wow, what a problem this has been, for so many of us. No Restore capability didn't help me to restore before the problem.  Everything I tried to do, including ADMIN would give me the same loop.   I have been reading and trying all the tech suggestions here and other places for many days now., like Spyware removal, System Idle, run task Explorer, *.cpl files (too many to delete in my system, and glad I didn't) untic this and that-----LOL !

    I was being alerted here, to try and keep up as well as possible solutions.


    I was able to find mine, by more than one of your suggestions here.  Those of us  VISTA O/S that downloaded a DESKTOP TOOLBAR OR SCREEN DISPLAY TOOL,  will find that going to the control panel/ programs & features/ and removing those, ie., like Google desktop, or maybe Kiwee toolbar for messenger, or other types, might stop your "LOOP" problem.  The codecs that we install with things like the Media Player, etc. can be bullys too.  I know there are more issues that cause this problem, but don't give up----you'll find the answer.


    I may even start RESTORE on  a jump drive again, since I couldn't access it within.



    I love to help too, and hope this will help some.  I really appreciate all of you posting the helps.





    Wednesday, October 15, 2008 10:57 PM

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    Thank you for your sharing.

    Friday, October 24, 2008 9:41 AM