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    I have been amending our current project template to allow easier updating methods for our PM community.  The current set up of our template has been desigined to assist in the generation of our fortnightly status reports which are generated into a BI SQL Report.

    My question, one of the sections I need to amend is a section based around Stage Budgets, this section previously had 6 tasks, Stage 1 - 6 and 4 and cost resources were assigned to each task and this section was maintained outside of the normal schedule activites (i.e. at the top of the template away from the main body).  In here the PMs would add Opex and Capex costs, publish and then regenerated the status report following a cube rebuild.

    My change was to remove this section, and allocate the cost resources to the actual Stage 1-6 of the schedule, each stage incorporating the rest of the delivery tasks for each stage.  i.e.  I was now allocating the cost resources to the summary activities of each stage.

    Now after I publish and rebuild, the summary level cost information is not contained within the cube, can someone tell if it is ok to allocate cost resources to summary activities (this is only to subtantiate the report which aggregates the data over years based upon the duration of the summary activity).

    If so, where can I ensure that the summary level info is included in the cube (or is this not possible?)



    Tuesday, March 5, 2013 1:06 AM