Media Centre Interface seems to crash PC after a while RRS feed

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  • I use a PC to drive my plasma - originally XP MCE and now Vista Ultimate.  Over the past few days I reconfigured the PC to make a RAID0 stripe of 3 disks using the onboard Intel RAID functionality - since I've been getting occasional TV stutters when recording several channels simultaneously.  (I'll back the OS regularly to mitigate the inherent risks of RAID0 and if I lose the TV shows - well it's only TV).
    Anyhow, I installed Windows 7 RC since the disks were all nicely formatted, and proceeded to configure the Media Centre.

    Initially, the box would lock up after a few minutes of playing any TV or even MP3's.  After installing Intels Storage Management software, this issue seems to be resolved.  However, the PC now becomes extremely sluggish, or even totoally locked up, when hitting 'STOP' on a Live or recored TV show.  The sound continues in the background for a little while, whilst the blue background appears.  Eventually the sound stops but no further action in the Media Centre is possible - the 1st time I was able to use the mouse to close the MC and return to the desktop, the 2nd time the PC was completely locked so I reset and booted to Vista instead (which I've parallel installed to a separate partition)

    I'm using an Asus P5B deluxe mobo and conroe dual core CPU, and have a DNTV Live! Dual Hybrid S2 tuner and a DigitalNow TinyTwin (Dual USB) tuner - ie, 4 tuners in all which are recognised by Windows 7 with the Vista drivers.  The video card is an Nvidia Geforce 6200TC.  Prior to installing the Nvidia drivers, the CPU would hover around 50/60% when watching a show, but with the driver installed, the CPU is around 10%.

    Last night I tried again - watched a rugby game recorded the night previously on Vista MC.  I noted the disk light glowing consistently so tabbed out to desktop and ran up the resource monitor - it seems that the MC process (ehshell) was busy reading and writing the existing recorded TV files.  Whilst this was happening (it didn't seem to stop until the PC hung) the PC was slow to respond - eg, skipping ads would incur a 30 second delay on first press, with the 2nd press being actioned after a few seconds.
    After about an hour or so of watching the show, the PC hung and I was forced to reset (and went back to Vista to continue watching)

    Any ideas?  I was hoping the MC would be totally usable given the RC status of the software.
    Sunday, June 28, 2009 9:19 PM