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  • From reading several chat rooms, forums etcetera, l have found this topic is quite active, but nowhere have l seen any input from Microsoft or anyone that has any answers to help anyone.

    Whether the person has done an update or upgrade, on completion or during their files, documents, pdf's, pictures everything has disappeared.

    Some folks can find files by right clicking on their 'Libraries' then can restore files, some can go to 'Users' finding files there.

    But does anyone know why this happened in the first place.

    l got a call from my Mum, totally distraught, 75 years of age, lost years of research and the books she was writing,.

    Many times l ask if she 'backs up' Sometimes she does, leaving most of it to fate.

    So l go over there, she says there was a window up saying that windows was being 'prepared'.

    That went nowhere, so she shut down l think, but to cut a very long story short, everything had disappeared including 'favourites' photos, documents...the lot. 

    l took a windows 7 computer with me, she was running on Windows 8.1 when all this happened.

    l am not sure what l did to her computer but l managed to get back her files, only a few things were still missing,

    we did a back up there and then, updated the virus scan times, and all seemed quite good.

    l set the spare computer up in anycase as l live an hour away, so at least she had something incase it happened again.

    The next day if did happen, everything gone again.

    Mum is now using the windows 7 computer l set up, but she is complexed as l see many other people are as to why this happens, and alot of them are unable to find their lost documents.,

    So l wonder if anyone has ideas?

    Also the only virus protection at present on the windows 7 computer is the Microsoft Security Essentials, should we have something else on there, as in Malwarebytes?

    Thank You Ro

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