Server 2012, printing over a workstation's shared Printer fails


  • Hi!

    I'm in charge of our printing system and I’m migrating our cups print server to a Microsoft print server. We are using many (about 45 Windows and 15 Ubuntu) shared printers from workstations, which are causing problems due to missing authentification data while using local ports.

    When I send a print job to the server, I can clearly see the print job owner. When the requested printer is a shared one of a windows workstation, the print job signals “error” and stays in the queue (without error messages in the logfiles). But when the requested printer is shared by one of our Ubuntu machines, the print job will be forwarded to the Ubuntu causing an error there, since no authentification data is provided anymore:

    I [14/Nov/2013:12:49:41 +0100] Denying user "" access to printer "testprint"...


    Printing port of the clients is (local port) “\\testprintserver\testprint”

    Printing port of the shared printer on our server 2012 (local port) “\\workstation1\testprint

    And at last, our workstation1 is sharing a local USB Printer as “testprint”.


    I’ll use the configuration written above for an example:


    Printing directly from our print server to testprint on workstation1 works, but not from the clients (using our print server, directly works). When I use LPD/LPR services between print server and workstation1, the clients can print on the workstation’s shared printer using our print server.


    I read that the LPD/LPR Services are deprecated and will eventually be removed in future versions. Is there any other possibility of getting our workstation’s shared printer to work?


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    Alexander Preuß

    Friday, November 15, 2013 10:24 AM


  • Use the LPD service until it's gone.  Then you can purchase USB print server devices that will support printing to USB only devices.

    Alan Morris Windows Printing Team

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