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  • I use good ol' modems as back doors into terminal servers, we've been having issues with dialing into some of them so we use a pre-dial terminal screen to enter some INIT strings.  Recently (yeah my company is slow) I got a new laptop with windows 7.  When I try and bring up the pre-dial window, it flashes like mad and causes the backgrounds of other apps like outlook to turn black and causes many instabilities.  We use SecureCRT to dial out, but I also downloaded hyperterminal for win7 and they all seem to use a native to Windows pre-dial window that causes the same problem.    Can anyone assist me to troubleshoot this, not sure what logs are needed.  Also all my coworkers have the same issue, so 10 or so laptops.
    Friday, October 4, 2013 12:19 PM


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