@Microsoft: Are you crazy, taken over and blocking no-ip DNS entries has also an impact for other user! RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    what in hell are you doing? Microsoft has taken over the no-ip DNS services and are blocking it regarding Malware distribution? Ok on One Drive people may host forbidden Applications or Documents, same for Azure.. Let's block the whole infrastructure from Microsoft.

    For example, i have several video cameras using the No-Ip Service to monitor my 81 Years old Mother and to get notice about accidents; if something happens to her during this time i will place legal actions against Microsoft in the US and Europe. Maybe i should add that these service by no-ip and the assigned Webcams have saved the life of my mother last year and helped to bring her to hospital right in time (i can provide you more informations if you like. Acting like this can kill people! This is more dangerous than any "bot network" and i can´t fix it regarding the fact that i have no access to the system's at the moment; Thank You!

    It's unbelievable, Microsoft Act's like an facism regime without even thinking about what they're doing and what could be the consequence. What do you block next? Google? Apple? 

    I just cancelt my Surface 3 order as direct consequence for this action, i can not accept a act like this and i hope other user customers / users will do the same.

    I just want to add: A Act of Piracy like this is not funny and not useful! Not for No-IP Users and not for Microsoft.

    Please do also note that this action has already a big feedback outsite the US, it means: US Domains can not be trusted in general regarding the availability and this includes also the cloud services offered by Microsoft. What happens if an other vendor/company/private person will do the same against Azure? Means for customers, something like this can happen everytime in the US.. It might be legal in the US but this is not the impression for the most users and customers so it might by better to use only Providers/Services without any US business relation, US related domain names or a US related company. If you look in some european forum's or business platforms you can already read statements like this. Great PR success.. But not for Microsoft!

    I can not believe how someone could be so stup...  Why spending millions of US$ in PR to get a positive image and than destroying this positive image in only a few hours.

    I forgot, fighting malware, cybercrimals or whatever is not always an excuse for doing more worse things. Any regime in the past or today has a good excuse "Why" they're doing something bad but it's still bad.

    Also Microsoft should be aware that this have an impact of million legal users, in fact that Microsoft has taken over the Domains Microsoft is also responsible to keep this service available for legal users. I only can repeat, acting like this is unbelievable and i really have to ask the question; is the Cybercrime Unit to prevent or to perform cybercrime? The answer is not clear and it´s a shame how this is performed for the whole digital industry.

    Add-On: Maybe you noticed that this act of digital terrorism performed by Microsoft is going to be a nuclear bomb for your PR.



    P.S.: If you want destroy bot net's please do it in way's causing less damage as the bot's or malware itself! Think also about some personal changes in Microsoft's Cybercrime Center, a huge amount of people is currently not sure who is the bigger criminal at the moment.

    Tuesday, July 1, 2014 11:22 AM

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  • Hi,

    what's about courage... What's about a public statement about this epic fail and not this "marketing" nonsense? How will you reconstruct "some" trust in your company or the US IT Service market?

    Statements like it's a fault to use a service like no-ip or have no redundancy are on a Kindergarten Level.. "It's not our fault.. It's not our fault.. Lalalala". So you tell a customer: "If you are using Microsoft Azure but if it fails because an other company has overtaken the DNS/Network infrastructure with a more or less legal(1) action, it's the customer fault because they can use also Amazon's hosting service.". Joke right? Following this argumentation Microsoft can directly discontinue all cloud based offerings outside the US. What happens to no-ip can also happen do any other US based web service. I forgot, since i used no-ip in a couple of years i never.. i repeat "never!" got a downtime. Can you compete? This fail caused by Microsoft was the first time the service was not available and if you read some comments on Facebook or any other platform you can read the same User experience.

    So please tell me and also all other Users how you will handle this in the future and how do you think to recover a little bit of your reputation, doing nothing will be the complete wrong way; believe me.

    Oh and excuse my level of aggresion in this case... ...but what do you expect as reaction and for something like this? Flowers?



    1) More or less legal Action means a clever Lawyer has told a Judge without a deep IT knowledge a lot of wrong things without the real "big" picture of the no-ip offerings only to get what he want. Yes.. I read the used argumentation and it looks that you want to blame No-IP as as criminal organisation but maybe you've learned that this service is used by a lot of Users and Company's who have nothing to do with any criminal act's and these Users are mostly Microsoft customers too. I believe you have a debt to pay, not in money, but a confession that you have done something wrong and maybe you act a little bit more polite the next time. Trust is very important and to help you a little bit, if Scotty is doing something wrong still Captain Kirk takes over the responsability. 

    Thursday, July 3, 2014 5:09 PM