Addressing OOTB workflows, custom List Templates etc. using SPMT for migration from SP 2013 to SPO RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    We are planning to migrate a single Site Collection in SharePoint 2013 with around 200 sub sites to SharePoint online. Some subsites have unique permissions. Following are the details about the Site Collection:

    1. There are around three thousand lists and libraries under 200 sub sites. Most of them are based upon OOTB List templates. But there are 3 custom list templates (developed using Visual Studio), and around 500 lists and libraries are created using these custom list templates.
    2. There are around one thousand libraries with OOTB SharePoint 2010 and 2013 based workflows.
    3. Thousands of documents are checked out.
    4. 2-3 Libraries have around 15-20 GB of data, and around 10 Libraries have around 2-4 GB of data. All other libraries have less than 2 GB of data.

    We can't use any 3rd party tool. The only option we have is to use the SPMT. These are my questions based upon the above environment:

    Q1: What's the best way to migrate these 500 Lists which are based upon these 3 custom list templates? As it doesn't look like SPMT can move these 500 lists based upon custom list templates (created using Visual Studio).

    Q2: Is there a way we can automate the migration of these 1000 libraries which have OOTB SharePoint workflows (like Approval, Collect Feedback, etc.) attached to them along with tasks and workflow history?

    Q3: Is there a way we can migrate the checked out documents as it is without checking them in?

    Q4: Should we handle libraries with 15-20 GB and 2-5 GB of data separately? or whats the best way to handle libraries with more data?

    Q5: Should we use "Select all subsites" option in this scenario? As we are going to have so many failures based upon above issues (custom list templates, workflows, checked out documents). It's very difficult to go over the result of SPMT.

    Q6: My main question is: How can SPMT help us in migrating the above Site Collection? How can SPMT helps us in partial or full migration? What steps should we follow? For e.g. can we use SPMT for just creating all the sub sites and OOTB libraries which are not based upon custom list templates and are not associated to any workflows? And then work on other custom stuff manually or using some sort of automation if possible?

    Thanks in advance

    Wednesday, December 18, 2019 2:36 AM

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