Vista Complete PC restore and backup wont recognize my external WD 500gb Harddrive holding my backup hostage RRS feed

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  • There may already be threads related to this, but i didnt see any that were as specific as this. If there was and i missed it, I apologize in advance.



    Hi all,


    I am new to this forum thing so bare with me. I have a PC running Windows vista that I did a complete backup on using the windows complete PC abd backup restore utility. I saved this backup to my WD USB external hard drive. I have seen other posting about not recogninzing the hard drive, but that is not my problem. When I am in the OS I can see and interact with the hard drive without any problems.


    Now that my Internal Hard drive has been wiped, I am trying to do a restore and when it looks for the image on the PC, it states that the drive is not found.  As I stated before, when I go into the OS it is right there for me to save and move things to and from, but when I go to the PC backup utility that is run from the Vista disk, I get nothing,


    I have already tried deleting the INFCACHE1 file according to WD with out result.




    I swear if you guys fix this for me I will go back to XP Smile

    Saturday, January 12, 2008 8:36 AM