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  • I am testing an upgrade from MIM 2016 SP1 (4.4.1749) on Win 2012 R2, SQL Server 2014 and SharePoint 2013 to MIM 2016 SP2 (4.6.34) on Win 2019, SQL Server 2017 and SharePoint 2019.

    As I was getting the SQL Server 2017 and SharePoint 2019 servers ready, I come up with two scenarios after restoring the FimService and FimSynchronization databases on the new database server: 1) Install MIM 2016 SP1, apply patch 4.4.1749, check everything and then apply patch 4.6.34 (SP2); 2) Install MIM SP1, apply patch 4.6.34 (SP2) and then check everything. Then, a third scenario came to mind: 3) Install MIM 2016 SP2 directly from the installation media. 

    I decided to try scenario 3) first and ran into some issues with portal pages not responding correctly when clicking on links and RCDC configurations was not being loaded. There seems to be issues with the portal only. MIM synchronization and MIM service are working.  The issue with pages not responding correctly are more pronounced with I.E. Should I not been using I.E. with MIM anymore?

    Is this third scenario I am describing not a viable upgrade/migration path? I followed the deployment guide on the Microsoft site. Could this be an issue with the MIM portal and SharePoint 2019 which means I should stick with SharePoint 2016 for now?

    Tuesday, March 10, 2020 7:49 PM

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  • I have confirmed that SP2 is affecting the Portal in my environment. As a test I installed Sharepoint 2016 and MIM 2016 SP1 with patch 4.5.412.0 the last patch under SP1. The custom RCDCs I have for user objects are displaying correctly now. I did run my test on Win 2019 server and SQL Server 2017 which were the original servers I was working on.

    Although I don't mind staying on that configuration for now, I wonder if I could get away with using SQL Server 2017 on Windows 2019 server and Sharepoint 2016 on Windows Server 2019 with MIM 2016 SP1 4.5.412. 

    I know Sharepoint 2016 is supported on Windows 2019 Server. 

    Thursday, March 12, 2020 4:08 PM