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    We have 2 DC based in London and 2 DC based in New York and a DC on AWS cloud. Any changes made, such as password change on London/NY AD will replicate to AWS AD with various time elapsed. Lets say if I make the changes on London AD, it takes 1 minute or sometimes up to 3 minutes to replicate to AWS AD and then the changes is reflected to office 365.

    I know Between Site (Intersite) Change Notification is not used and replications happens on a schedule with every 15 minutes as the shortest interval.

    On ADSI > "CN=Inter-Site Transports" there is a siteLink for "CN=AWSIPSITELINK", as its showing in figure 1. If i go to the sitelink property or the attribute editor and navigate to sitelink attribute, I can see NY and AWS only, as its showing in figure 2.

    On the "option" attribute, I have already changed the value from "0" to "1" hence the password changes bypass the schedule intervals, but on the London DC, the changes sometimes takes a minute, other times 2 minutes to replicate to AWS Ad. If this is done on NY AD, it takes 30/35 second to replicate to AWS AD. I have added London DC to the sitelink, which made it longer for the replication to happen. I also made a separate sitelink for AWS and London, which did not make any changes.  

    What I would like to do is, if a password is changed on London or NY AD, this alteration shouldn't take more than 15/20 seconds to replicate to AWS and another 15 seconds to reflect the changes on O365. Not sure if something is causing this due to the domains replication that has been done through the scheduling, because some DC scheduled to replicates on 15 minutes and other are 30 minutes on the local AD Sites and Services, it looks like any changes made is replicating to NY and from NY Ad to AWS.  

    Figure 1.


    Thursday, June 14, 2018 1:31 PM

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