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  • Hi,

       I have a problem. The cube in my server is too long to open. The size of the cube is almost 60GB. Is there a problem with my system?

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    Friday, August 6, 2010 3:04 AM


  • Wow, now that's an open ended question. So, a number of questions:

    1. How long is too long?
    2. What version of Analysis Services? (2000/2005/2008?)
    3. Are we talking about BIDS to open for editing or when querying? If querying are we talking generally (i.e. on a warm cache) or only after processing?
    4. Has the time increased from when it was smaller, when only 5GB say?
    5. Assuming 2005 or later and that we are talking about querying, have you checked SQL Profiler to see what it is doing when you connect?
    6. What client tool are you using?

    If we are talking about querying and your main issue is about getting a connection on to the cube from a client application, the trick is often to create a calculated member on the measures dimension defined as NULL and set it as the default. You can also assign some member on some dimension that is never going to have data as the default member if you would like but the measure route is usually quite neat. So, something like:

     AS NULL, 
    VISIBLE = 0; 
    DEFAULT_MEMBER = [Measures].UseAsDefaultMeasure; 

    Friday, August 6, 2010 12:46 PM