Disconnected drive (but still charging via USB) hangs Windows 7 completely RRS feed

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  • What I mean by this: I have a phone with a Card reader. When I hook it up, windows sees the drive letter, but not the content of the drive.
    So far no problem. When I "connect the phone" the drive letter is visible and everything works.

    Steps to reproduce

    1. Open local page on external device (SD Card in Phone) via Opera
    2. Close Opera
    3. Disconnect external drive
    4. Reconnect external drive but do not activate*
    5. Start Opera
    6. Depending if Opera reloads the page on startup, alternatively on F5 (refresh) Browser will hang and so will the entire Windows 7 OS
    7. No pop up or anything will be displayed!
    8. Even Task Manager (started with ctrl+Shift+esc) will hang once it is started!
    (8a: Other software (switched via Alt+tab) is still responsive!)
    9. If I ctrl+Alt+delete I can see a pop up over the standard ctrl+Alt+delete screen stating:
    10: "Opera.exe - no disk" \device\Harddisk7\DR7
    11: Options for the pop up are: "Continue", "Cancel", "Try Again"
    (11a: After clicking one of the buttons above I exit the ctrl+alt+delte screen with cancel )
    12: Clicking Continue or Cancel will shut down Opera and everything is back to normal (until next Opera restart/ refresh of page)
    13: Clicking "Try Again" will bring everything back to normal as well, with Opera still open
    14: Pressing F5 will hang everything again

    *Notes to external device:
    It is a Phone with SD card (Sony Xperia X10 Mini Pro). When it is plugged in to the PC, the PC will display the SD card as drive letter, but will NOT be accessible until I press "connect phone" on the phone screen!

    I explained how it happens with Opera, but today I had the exact same thing happen with another Software when I was viewing some jpeg files.
    I would assume this happens every time any program tries to access a file on this connected, but not accessible device!


    At least make sure the pop-up is visible in the normal windows, not only when pressing ctrl+alt+delete!


    Sunday, April 24, 2011 4:42 PM

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  • Hi,


    It seems Opera causes Windows 7 freeze. Please understand it is a third party browser, I suggest booting into Safe Mode with networking and testing the issue with Internet Explorer. If the issue only occurs with Opera browser, please contact Opera support.


    In addition, your SD card seemed not to connect PC completely until pressing "connect phone". You could use SD card reader to test if the device can be read directly. If so, it is to say there is no issue with your device.


    Best Regards,


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    Wednesday, April 27, 2011 2:41 AM
  • Not even in Windows XP the Task manager froze...

    The Pop-up is "at the wrong location", it should not only be visible when pressing ctrl+Alt+delete !

    Opera has been informed about this bug as well. (At least they have a Bug reporting mechanism in place...)

    I tested it with IE and it does not happen.
    HOWEVER, as mentioned:
    It not only happens with Opera, but also with other software. Therefore it is a Windows 7 issue, NOT just an Opera issue.

    As for the SD card reader, it is not just a simple SD Card reader, it is an Android phone. 
    All Android phones with SD Card slot (that I am aware of) have the same behavior (need to activate the USB mode on the phone screen).
    Even if it was possible to automatically activate the SD Card, it is not an option, as when activating the USB mode of the Android phone, the Android phone itself has no longer access to the SD Card, which will cause problems with some applications if they are run.

    There are Millions of Android phones out there (and getting more every minute) and therefore it can't be an isolated incident and I believe MS should have a closer look into this issue and not just passing the Buck(/g) to 3rd Party applications which have been running stable for a over a decade on a variety of OS's.



    Saturday, April 30, 2011 7:43 AM