Symbol Server offline/WindowsUpdate.log broken


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    I see that this question is all around the internet.

    Problem description:

    I have two installations of Windows Server 2016 (Build 14393.1358) and both are having trouble obtaining updates from their designated WSUS servers.

    One is in production and is a Domain Controller, the other a member server. The member server is in a test domain. The Domain Controller (1) for legal and (2) general good practice may NOT access the internet.

    However, neither server will contact their respective WSUS servers with an error. I'd love to do further analysis but Microsoft have seriously err'd and released a product with insufficient testing AND then removed the only possible work around.

    Problems obtaining a solution:

    1 - The WindowsUpdate.log file is no longer a plain text, human readable log file. I would have no problem if advanced, verbose logging was available by binary files, but 99% of all problems were previously resolved by scanning this file.

    2 - Symbol Server, the unofficial work around to download the Symbols for Windows Server 2016 would have worked, but in their infinite wisdom, Microsoft have now taken this offline and the symbols are loaded dynamically.

    Except they don't.

    3 - The command to generate a human readable log file "Get-WindowsUpdateLog -SymbolServer" silently fails.

    4 - Manual installation of the latest monthly rollup works. But does NOT fix the problem of the server not talking to its WSUS server.

    Result of this problem:

    As the lead IT Architect, have created a policy that there are to be no further 2016 installs within our domain. Being a tester is not for our environment. We support manufacturing and retail that must work 24/7.

    We have a few multi-millon dollar projects in the pipeline. This is small beer to Microsoft, but we are now going to put money in to RedHat Enterprise Linux and IBM iSeries. Windows Administrators will be trained and certified in Linux and/or iSeries. Just one more shop moving away from on-premises Microsoft and also Azure.

    Tuesday, June 12, 2018 8:14 AM

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