UAC & Unlock extremely slow - Windows 8 Enterprise RRS feed

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  • I've got a Dell Lat 6320, 4 GB RAM, i7 processor. It's a nice fast machine. I loaded a partition up with Windows 8 Enterprise and joined it to my corporate domain. The performance on 8 isn't nearly as good as 7 all the way around, but here are the things that really bug me:

    1. UAC is SLOW. The UAC window pops up immediately, but the area where I put in my credentials takes 30 sec to a minute to pop up. As an IT pro, this is frustratingly slow since half the stuff I do requires elevation.

    2. Login is slow, even when just unlocking a computer that went into sleep mode. 1-2 minutes minimum on a computer that is sitting on a lock screen, not even a full log on. Again, frustratingly slow.

    3. Despite having set the power options to not hibernate, but just got to sleep, it frequently hibernates anyway. Battery power will be at 75% and I'll pull my laptop out and it's hibernated. Additional frustrating slowness.

    4. Goes to lock screen after 5-10 minutes inactivity and I can't find a setting anywhere that tells it to do that. No screen saver is set, sleep mode is set for 2 hours inactivity, and the crazy thing just goes to the lock screen... which then takes a few minutes to unlock. Can you tell I don't like waiting on my computer?

    Windows 7 Enterprise was a solid product, best Microsoft has ever done in my opinion. Fast, reliable, easy to use, compatible with damn near everything right out of the box. Windows 8 has not been a step backward so far. The interface is fine, it's different and takes some getting used to, but that's cool. It's just the performance issues with this thing. I'm thinking I'm not going to be upgrading the 200+ machines in my district to 8 until these get sorted. I don't need to add hours and more headache to my day just waiting for prompts to come up properly.

    Saturday, November 17, 2012 6:42 PM