Recommendation for configuring Project Online and launching softly for 150+ users RRS feed

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  • Can you please provide a recommendation for how to go about configuring Project Online for a group of 150+ people having a mix of roles like PM, exec, team member, supervisor (timesheet manager)? I'd like to do all the setup in bulk, or as much in bulk as possible without getting into a scripting scenario, but not cause email messages to be sent to staff about them having received either a license to project online or that they've been given access to project web app.

    I intend to do much of the resource information through the sync with Project Professional... such as the name, team, team assignment, timesheet manager (if possible), calendar, department, RBS, maybe even account and group (team member, pm, etc) if possible (and I know that the account will cause the name to be overwritten... that's a good outcome), but in what order and what steps should I take to grant the license (silently), and fill out resource information as mentioned above including the group assignment all without having the system send an email? I'm looking to do as much of this in bulk as possible. The goal would be that we have a "soft" launch where-in people have access but aren't told so. Then, we'll send out a purposeful communication instructing them that the new system is "on".



    Tuesday, May 26, 2015 8:47 PM