DPM 2016 w/ MBS as VM on Server 2016 Host w/ Dedup storage - Recommended? Down Sides? RRS feed

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  • This blog post by Charbel Nemnom describes how to set up a DPM 2016 with Modern Backup Storage in a VM, with deduplication enabled on the host.  The volumes in the vhdx files are formatted REFS, with the host volume formatted as NTFS with Dedup. 

    I know that dedup of the dpm backup storage volumes this way became supported in 2012R2 a year or two ago, but don't see any mention one way or the other on support for this configuration in DPM 2016.  Is this supported?  Is it recommended?

    Not being a storage or FS expert, it seems to me like putting the REFS formatted volumes on NTFS formatted & deduplicated volumes should reduce or negate some of the benefits of REFS.  As in, if the REFS volume is on a VHDX stored on NTFS, wouldn't problems on the parent NTFS volume result in corruption of the VHDX and/or it's data which the REFS couldn't protect against?

    What about performance?  Would the fact that the vhdx is stored on NTFS negate any of the advertised performance benefits of using MBS / REFS? 

    Wednesday, December 14, 2016 1:23 PM