GPO 801.11 wireless policies too slow to apply


  • We have a GPO to configure 802.1x wireless computer policies and it works, but takes a very long time.

    If I'm already logged into Windows, disconnect wireless and reconnect, it only takes less that 10 seconds to reconnect and for the system to respond to ping.

    If the laptop is rebooted, it takes more than 90 seconds for wireless to connect and respond to ping.

    To "work around" this delayed wireless connection during boot, I have configured a GPO to configure startup policy processing wait time to 120 seconds.  This makes users wait a very long time before the login prompt is available and it is very annoying.

    However, if I leave startup policy wait time at the defaults, the laptops boot at normal speeds, but there is no network connection available which means Software Installation GPOs and startup scripts assigned to the computer don't work, new users cannot log into the laptop because domain controllers cannot be reached to authenticate them and if they have a cached profile, they log in and have no mapped drives or network connectivity to anything because not enough time was allowed for the wireless profile to configure and wireless to connect.

    What can we do to make 802.1x wireless connection profiles apply faster during system reboots?

    Friday, February 26, 2016 7:28 PM

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  • Hi,
    Based I know, the issue might be caused by many reasons, such as bandwidth, roaming profile with folder redirection, 802.1x settings etc... You could try to have a check from these sides.

    What I suggest is to test in a lab environment. Firstly, you could only apply the GPO 801.11 wireless policy. If it still take long time, it might be caused by network limitation, like bandwidth.
    If its speed is normal, then you could configure the same group policies as original, and see again.

    Also, here are some hotfixes which may be helpful, please have a try:


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    Monday, February 29, 2016 9:54 AM
  • It does not look like a network bandwidth because, as I said before, if the user is logged into their Windows profile and I turn off wireless on the device and the turn the wireless back on, it quickly reconnects to wireless within just a few seconds.  

    The only time there is a massive delay connecting to wireless is when the laptop is restarted.

    If it was network bandwidth, the reconnection to wireless would be just as slow in both situations.

    Folder redirection and roaming profiles happen after the user logs in.  So, it is not logical that that has anything to do with this problem.  These laptops are having problems connecting to wireless during the boot process before the login prompt appears.  

    802.1x is set for computer authentication so that the wireless can connect during the startup process and so startup scripts and software installation GPOs will work during a system reboot.

    Are there any ways to optimize setting up wireless configuration of group policies that will reduce the amount of time the policy takes to work?

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    Monday, February 29, 2016 4:38 PM