Where is BCWP per day values and Status date stored in Project server? RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I need to analyze the Tables where Project server stores the EVM related fields values for each day in Database tables.

    I am running into a weird situation with EVM in Project 2016 (Not sure if this is expected behavior)

    Background details:

    1. I have created a project with single task, assigned a resource with std rate 1$ and assigned work of 4 days.

    2. I am using Physical %Complete field for EVA method.

    3. Set baseline 0

    4. I entered Actual work and Physical complete

    Issue Steps:

    1. Set Status date as any date after Task start Date and before current date

    Assume Current Date as "27/09/2017"

    Task Start Date : "18/09/2017"

    Project Status Date : "22/09/2017"

    2. Enter Physical % Complete .

    3. The BCWP values are 2.67,5.33,8.00 (Cumulative) for 18,19,20

    4. Now if I change the status date to 22/09/2017 and increase the Physical % complete to 20%

    5. The value for 18,19,20 do not change but for 21,22 are 10,12 resp. The point here is when status date and Physical % complete are increased the BCWP values change only for the dates which is greater than the previous date (20/09/2017) until the current status date "22/09/2017"

    6. Now when I decrease the Physical % Complete to 10% after increasing the status date,

    7. Now as seen the BCWP is being recalcuted for the entire duration instead of the previous status "20/09/2017" and current status date "22/09/2017". Currently the values are 1.6,3.2,4.8,6.4,8 from 18-22 resp.

    8. My requirement is to know:

    How is Ms project calculating the EVM values and where is it storing the EVM values of each day in the MS Project Datatables?

    Any help on this is greatly appreciated and it would help me a lot. TechNet does not allow me to paste screenshots hence I have given the data.

    FYI, I know that MPP store cumulative EVM values in MSP_EPMTask table in database. I need to know where are the per day values stored which are seen in the Microsoft Project desktop client.



    Wednesday, September 27, 2017 12:48 PM