How can I open Excel documents from search results in edit mode, save, and check in like Word documents? RRS feed

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  • I search our SharePoint portal to find everything. I can never remember which document library contains what I seek. We have hundreds of them.

    Steps to reproduce desired results (Ms Word):

    1. Search for a Word document
    2. Follow a link to a Word document from the search results
    3. When Word opens it prompts "Server Read-Only" "This document was opened from a server in read only mode"
    4. Click the "Edit Document" button alongside the prompt text in the yellow ribbon.
    5. Edit the document
    6. Save the document

    I expect the document to be saved to the library it resides in. I observe exactly what I expect. I never knew where the document was located. I would forget where it resides anyway.

    Steps to reproduce the problem (Ms Excel)

    1. Search for an Excel document
    2. Follow a link to an Excel workbook from the search results
    3. When Excel opens everything seems ok.
    4. Edit one of the spreadsheets
    5. Save the document

    I expec the excel workbook to be saved to the library it resides in. It isn't.

    Rather, I found that I just saved the workbook to one of my temporary internet files folders.

    I'm not really sure if this is an Excell issue, an IE issue, or a SharePoint issue. If I navigate to the Excel file from Excel's File | Open menu it is aware that the file is a Server read only file and works like word. So I think it must be SharePoint.

    Monday, August 20, 2012 6:46 PM