Resize server partitons (OS volume is already full)


  • Hi guys,

    I would to ask you the best procedure to resize the partitions of a W2K8 R2 server, I know this is 2012 forum, but I think is exactly the same process.

    The server is a Dell PowerEdge R620 with a two disk of 140GB in RAID1 that are allocated the RECOVERY OEM, OS and the PageFile and with 48GB of RAM. As mentioned, is a W2K8 R2 DataCenter with Hyper-V role but VM's are stored in a SAN.

    I attach the list of volumes of the RAID1 server.

      Núm Partición  Tipo              Tamaño   Desplazamiento
      -------------  ----------------  -------  ---------------
      Partición 1    OEM                 39 MB    31 KB
      Partición 2    Principal         3072 MB    40 MB
      Partición 3    Principal           40 GB  3112 MB  (Volume C:)
      Partición 0    Extendido           93 GB    43 GB
      Partición 4    Lógico              93 GB    43 GB   (Volume D:)

    The problem is that Volume C: (OS) is full because is too small (40GB) and WinSXS folder has been expanded with all updates done.

    Actually, the Volume D: (Partition 4) has the page file witch occups 50GB of the 72GB recommended by Microsoft (RAM x 1,5). So I think I can resize this partiton to give some GB to the Volume C:

    Can I disable the page file, delete the logic partition (Volume D:), delete the extended partion 0, expand the main (Volume C:) and then enable the page file again?

    How can be done with the best procedure?

    Thank you in advanced!


    Friday, July 13, 2018 10:41 AM

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  • I would create another page file on another volume.  You say you have access to a SAN, so put it out there.  Then delete the existing page file.  This can be done all at the same time, so when the system reboots to cause the page file changes to take effect, the system will boot with the new page file.  Then I would delete the page file partition on the RAID drive, extend the system partition, and reboot the system to ensure everything is working correctly.  Then I would repeat the steps to move the page file back to the RAID drive.

    Note, on a system that is configured with sufficient memory, there is no need to have a large page file.  I generally set up my page file to be 1-4 GB and never had an issue.  The larger size for page files is needed if you are doing a lot of hard paging (not enough memory on the system) or if  you want to capture a large memory dump.  99% of the time, the mini-dump is sufficient for resolving an issue that requires a memory dump.


    Friday, July 13, 2018 1:22 PM