DSE (Desired State Configuration) how is the admin notified


  • Hello,
    I understand from the information I have seen so far that DSE LCM can be put into a 'Notify' state, however it does not go on to say 'how' the notify works (e.g. protocols used/methods etc.)

    For example does LCM notify use SMTP (email) ? or SNMP (trap) or Syslog, etc... ?

    Also when I think of Notify above, I am thinking of notifying an Admin is the configuration of the server has drifted and therefore DSE needs to bring it back inline and will notify the admin of this fact.

    However, what happens if for any reason the LCM is not able to pull down updated MOF files or modules from the DSE distribution point, will DSE also Notify the admin of this issue ?
    in other words the configuration has not necessarily drifted but there is still an issue which may need attention so the Admin should be notified

    Also, what is the reason the LCM cannot get is latest MOFs (or at least check-in to see if there are any updates) is due to network or WAN issue (temporary loss of connectivity to remote site), the LCM notify the Admin next time the network link is up there was an issue (even if it then established connectivity OK there after), for example lets say the LCM on the node checks in every 4 hours with its pull server, but misses a check-in due to WAN issue but next time it check in OK, will the Admin be notified of this missed check-in ?

    I would be very grateful if someone can help me with the above questions please, as we are looking at how to deal with keeping out Windows boxes in check (e.g. enforce and maintain a known config) for server across may remote (some very remote) sites where WANs can and do go down from time to time, and I want to know if DSE can handle this and alert the Admin if it cannot pull down a MOF or missed a check-in etc.

    Thanks all

    Thursday, July 12, 2018 1:06 PM

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  • Please post DSE issues to the DataStax vendor's forums.  This is not a DSE support forum.


    Thursday, July 12, 2018 1:13 PM