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    I am working at a school where we are running a Windows 2003 with domain policy, and clients with Windows XP logging on to the domain.
    We are also running Panda Admin Secure on our server managing Panda Security for desktops on our clients.

    Now we are trying out Windows Steady State with disk protection ON, but when the Panda Admin Secure are updating the virus definitions on our clients they disappear again when the computer restarts. This is because Steady State is set to remove all changes at restart.

    What can we do to get Panda Security working together with Windows Steady State so all changes except the virus definitions are removed at restart?

    Than you!

    Joakim F
    Thursday, December 11, 2008 8:50 AM



    Hi Joakim, unfortunately, Panda antivirus is not officially supported by Windows SteadyState currently. We do not have existing script for it. As we do not support custom script development in this forum, you will need to write your own custom update script. When you write a custom script, please pay attention to the following:


    1. Custom scripts must be written so that they return only after actions in the custom script have been completed.

    2. If a custom script update on a Windows SteadyState computer requires any resources during a scheduled update, such as a valid network connection, the resource must be available at the time of the update.

    3. If Panda shows any blocking UI (for example, a dialog that requires user interaction), then the updates will fail.


    Also, you can refer to the following thread regarding script:


    Script with schedule update at certain time and disk protection on and set to remove changes



    Thanks for your understanding.

    Monday, December 15, 2008 6:26 AM